August 7, 2022

Rua das Flores 79-83, Porto

This post is a warning about buildings that are losing their centenary tiles in Porto

Although tiled buildings in Portugal are one of the world’s most valuable heritages, they have only been protected by law since 2017 (n.º 79/2017). Many of these tiles have been destroyed and continue to be so today.

We need your help to expose more cases like these. If you know of any building in Porto that has lost its tiles contact us here.

Rua das Flores 79-83, Porto

This building, the Sousa de Arronches e Silva family house, is in the Historic Center of Porto, classified by UNESCO.

“The entire Historic Centre of Oporto is classified as a National Monument under Law No. 107/2001 of 8 September.”

All the tiles have been removed to paint the facade white.

Before / Credit Google
Detail of the removed tiles in 1933 / Credit AMP

After / Credit Predibisa
The facade covered with the removed tiles in 1943 / Credit AMP

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